Rabbits can have six litters a year and often will use the same nest. She feeds the babies only at dawn and dusk, then leaves.

Baby rabbits don’t have a scent. The only way a dog or cat or person knows a nest is there is if they step on it and the babies squeak. They are in the nest only three weeks so when they leave they may be no bigger than a golf ball. The white mark on their heads has nothing to do with their readiness to be out of the nest. They will hang around with their mother for a short time. Some rabbit nests are only a small scoop in the ground, and others you can put your whole hand in. If you discover a rabbit nest in your yard and you have pets, you can put a laundry basket or a crate upside down over the nest during daylight hours and can weigh it down with a rock. Remove this before dark then replace it after dawn. Or keep your cat in and watch your dog while in the yard.

Please understand that we can’t take in baby rabbits just because you have a dog, cat, hawk, lawnmower, or car in the area where the mother rabbit has chosen to make her nest. We have those dangers at our homes, too. Rabbits die easily from the stress of being around people, even in the hands of someone experienced. Their gut pH and blood sugar levels change all the time. They have the best chance of survival by being left with the mother in your yard.

If you don’t want Mom to use that area again, fill the hole with cement as soon as the babies have left. Odds are she is pregnant with the next litter by that time.

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