Coyotes and Fox

Coyotes and fox mate for life. The family and social structure is highly organized.

The puppies (coyotes) and kits (fox) don’t leave the den until they are weaned after being there for weeks with their mother only. The male does not enter the den but does hunting for the whole family. After that they may wander away from the den while the parents are out hunting. They won’t be far from the den. Also, Mom may have dropped a baby while moving to an alternate den if she is scared off. If you are unsure if this is an orphaned baby, leave it for half a day. Sometimes in a flooding area a baby may be washed out of a den. Leave the baby alone unless it is constant crying, dirty, maggot or flea infested, bloody, or injured.

Coyotes and fox compete for the same food source so normally only one species occupies a territory. Their main diet is rabbits and rodents. They are free rodent control!

In the wild, coyotes are timid animals. They are no different than any other wild animal. In your home, they DO NOT make good pets. They WILL bite as they are trying to establish a pack hierarchy. There is no place in the wild or in a home for a coyote that is habituated to people. As coyotes are all over North and Central America, any zoo or nature center that wants one has one. If you try to make a pet out of a coyote that you will find you cannot keep, it cannot be released. It will have to be euthanized. Refer to,,,, and for much more information.

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